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NJK 08 – Bears, Deer, and Arrogant People, Oh My!

Posted by Darkslime Z on 2011/05/26

You’ll have to forgive my absolutely horrible naming scheme.

Today’s kanji are a few nouns, used for quite common words that you should definitely already know by now.

We start off the day with yet another way to refer to youself – yes, another first-person pronoun. This time, it’s the one used mostly by young guys around friends. Not so much around superiors, as it is extremely casual and implies a level of closeness between the people talking.That said, you’ll hear it all the time in anime and video games. You probably already have, in fact. The kanji is a little weird looking, but it shouldn’t be hard to remember, especially if you read a lot.
It means “bear”!
鹿 訓読み・しか
It’s a deer!


  • 馬鹿(ばか) – yes, it’s the kanji for “baka”, or “stupid”, “idiot”, “fool”, etc. The kanji were made up after the fact solely to have the same sound, so the “horse deer” thing really holds no meaning.

Yes, that was the only vocabulary word, besides remembering the words おれ、くま、しか. Which you probably already have. So learn the kanji already!


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New Jouyou Kanji 07 – Ways to Say “Aaah”

Posted by Darkslime Z on 2011/05/24

Two of today’s kanji refer to your throat, while the other one I just threw in there since it didn’t fit anywhere else. I’m ramping the posts up to 3 kanji per, so that it doesn’t take absolutely forever to get through all of them!

In regards to today’s word, 咽喉, it is worth noting that many kanji in the new jouyou set were added because the kanji of a commonly used word(one that’s usually written in the kanji) weren’t in the jouyou set already. We’ve already gone over 挨拶(あいさつ), and there are plenty more, such as 嫉妬(しっと), 沙汰(さた), and 脊髄(せきづい).

音読み・インThis kanji, as well as the one below, means “throat”, and both can be read as のど, but this one is never used that way. Learn this character only in the context of the next one! A nice way to remember this character lies in the right element, which, read alone as 因, means the “cause of” or something that is “dependent on” something else – thus, your mouth is dependent on your throat for most of what it does.

This is the kanji most people think of when they think of the word “throat”, or のど. Interestingly enough, のど can also refer to one’s singing voice(i.e. something your throat is “for”, much the same way めがね can also mean “judgement”).

音読み・オクThis character stands for all that is timid and shy. An easy way to remember it, based on the components, is by looking at it as saying “being aware of your flesh”, using the components 月 for “flesh” and 意 for “awareness”. Enough to make most people self-conscious is their body, so it’s simple to remember!


  • 咽喉(いんこう) – throat. The main reason for this post! This is essentially a “written” word more than a spoken one – when you want to refer to your throat, just use のど.
  • 臆病(おくびょう) – shyness or timidity. It can also mean cowardice! A rather disconcerting, realistic approach to life, don’t you think?

This post was simple and easy to understand – much like most of the new jouyou kanji, so take heart!

Have fun with these kanji, and see you on Thursday!

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New Jouyou Kanji 06 – Ibaraki

Posted by Darkslime Z on 2011/05/19

Today we’re only going to have one kanji, plus a bit of explanation.

In the New Jouyou Kanji set, one of the main inclusions was kanji that appear frequently in place names, or that appear at all in the name of a prefecture. These kanji weren’t originally included in the jouyou set, possibly due to their ubiquity, but they have been put in now.

With that, today’s kanji is one that is part of the name of Ibaraki prefecture.


This kanji, read only as いばら, holds the meaning of wild roses – mostly referring to their thorns.


The kanji itself isn’t too frequently used(unless you’re a Touhou fan, like me) but it is the いばら in いばらき県, or Ibaraki prefecture, written 茨城県.

Ibaraki itself is northeast of Tokyo, directly north of Chiba. Fittingly, the prefectural flower of this mostly-plains region is – you guessed it – a rose! The martial art aikido originated here, as well, and there are many old castles still around.

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New Jouyou Kanji 05 – Food!

Posted by Darkslime Z on 2011/05/17

Today I’m nixing the “read more” button to display more CONTENT! This Tuesday’s new Jouyou kanji have to do with food. At least, for the most part!


This kanji represents the image of a mortar/millstone. For those of us who were born near the end of the 20th century, though, we probably don’t know what that is. The most common thing the word うす refers to is the big stone bowl that people make delicious mochi in! Its on’yomi, however, can refer to a bone dislocation.


Here’s the sometimes-used kanji for a word everybody knows. It means animal food! It’s what you give to your pet or your plants, such as in the phrase 犬に餌をやる(feeding the dog).



Only one today!

  • 脱臼(だきゅう)する – to dislocate a bone.

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New Jouyou Kanji 03 – Singing in the Dark

Posted by Darkslime Z on 2011/05/10

Today we will go over two simple kanji that act only as nouns: 闇 and 唄.

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