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bodacious indeeed

Posted by Darkslime Z on 2012/06/28

as mouretsu pirates(“bodacious space pirates”) gets ready to air its 26th and final episode, i thought i’d go and check out exactly what light novels were covered in the anime itself. the light novels, titled “miniskirt pirates”, are written by yuuichi sasamoto, some drop-out from a school of economics(juts kidding mr. sasamoto, you’re awesome!). after its first volume was released in october 2008, there have been a total of eight volumes written. so how far does the anime go?

the answer is: the anime only covers books one through three! only the initial story arc, the ghost ship story arc, and the hakuoh academy being pirates and dressing up in weird costumes story arc are actually taken from the light novels. surprisingly enough, the entire dinghy arc and the pirate hunting arc are anime-original story arcs. even more surprising is the fact that the vast majority of characters from the hakuoh academy were never even given names and backgrounds in the light novels. apparently there were more of them in the novels, but the anime gave a whole bunch names, settings, backgrounds, and everything.

the anime itself was originally announced back in 2010, when only three novels had been released. the idea was that episodes 1 through 19 would cover the first three light novels, while the remaining seven episodes would contain an original plot specific to the show. the anime was planned to be aired in the second half of 2011, but it was pushed back until this spring – so apparently the entire series had been completed before the first episode ever aired! weird, that never happens. they supposedly fooled around – er, experimented – with a bunch of stuff since they had so much time on their hands.

i’m extremely impressed with the amount of awesome the anime has injected into the story. i can’t imagine the story itself being any different(namingly, none of the hakuoh academy characters being important). while this final story arc seems quite interesting, though, kane’s twin brother / current luca being a fake / blaster ririka doing stuff / holy shit that battleship can zig zag all seem rather ridiculous. the dinghy arc, however, was actually amazing, so i guess it’s okay.

if someone does intend to create a second season, there is certainly no shortage of official material for it. and with the established extra material that the anime has, it could indeed be amazing. but will it be able to match the most hype anime opening song i’ve heard in years?

for now, anyway, i am eagerly awaiting the final episode, which will mark the end of my spring anime season watching. since nothing seems interesting during the summer(except maybe carnival/zero), maybe i’ll go back and watch old robot shows. i’m thinking of watching one or more of these: dunbine, l-gaim, xabungle, patlabor, macross, da garn. i’ll have to decide soon, i guess!


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