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Posted by Darkslime Z on 2012/06/27

somebody on reddit the other day posted a link to riot games’ presentation at a hadoop summit called “Big Data at Riot Games“. as a fan of both data warehousing and league of legends, it’s a pretty neat read as to how they solved a lot of their problems handling the massively large amounts of information they handle on a daily basis. warning: contains a lot of technical language regarding database management, mysql, etc. if you have no idea what i just said then just skip to the shen use case portion for some cool graphs and shit.

anyway, it gave me a chance to brush up on some more advanced database stuff that i didn’t really know. like, what’s a dimension table.

i spent a large portion of yesterday fooling around with a text editor called Sublime Text. it is really pretty amazing, and i haven’t even installed any kind of plugins or packages yet. the multiple text selection is so cool to mess around with. there are tons of neat commands geared towards coding, too. just don’t expect it to do a find+replace on a file with two million lines, as the “find” portion will first try to select every single instance, and… yeah. but anyway, if you haven’t ever heard of it, do yourself a favor and go check it out. its registration is $60, which i find a bit steep for a text editor, but its trial version has no time limit attached and just gives you a popup asking if you want to register every now and then.

since i spend most of my time coding in c#, it’s good to know that you can actually create custom “build systems” from the text editor itself. while some of what i do is creating interfaces(for which visual studio is a practical necessity), this article provides a few good tips and resources for c# programmers looking to use this text editor, including a way to compile your stuff.

i’ve been drawing a little bit lately, but i barely know how to use paint tool sai. the extent of my knowledge is how to sketch something, how to basically vector-ify it, and how to put in basic colors using layers. the tool has so much more to it though, and i wish i knew what everything did and how to use it effectively.


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