Eternal Temporality

Always dies, sometimes lives

Nagashi Mangan

When all the tiles in your discard pile are yaochuupai(terminals and honors) after a stalemate occurs. If any one of the tiles you discarded was called, you cannot claim this “hand”. Also called “yaochuu furikiri”.

Because you do not call any tiles and thus do not win from ron, the points are calculated and divided amongst players as if it was a tsumo. As its name implies, it is worth a mangan; but depending on particular rules it can be worth a baiman or even a sanbaiman. In three-player mahjong, it is often considered a yakuman.

In extremely rare cases, more than one player can achieve nagashi mangan(maximum of three players at once). In this case, if double ron / triple ron rules are in effect, each player gets points according to normal tsumo rules. For example, if both East(dealer) and West achieve a nagashi mangan, East would gain 8000 points(12000 for mangan – 4000 paid to West), West would gain 4000 points(8000 for mangan – 4000 paid to East), and South and North would both lose 6000 points(4000 paid to East and 2000 paid to West). If double ron / triple ron are not being used, then the winner is decided using head bump(east > south > west > north).


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