Eternal Temporality

Always dies, sometimes lives


There exists a wealth of Riichi Mahjong information on Japanese Wikipedia that has yet to be translated, to my knowledge – pages on everything from different types of tiles, how to deal at the beginning, and every yaku you could ever think of. I’ve translated some of it, so I thought I’d put it up here.

Setting up your own mahjong house rules

An explanation as to the house rules that one generally needs to consider when deciding how to play mahjong. There are only a few ones; the other ones almost certainly won’t matter. You should go through it anyway, just in case.

Mahjong hands (yaku)

A list of the mahjong hands that are generally recognized. There is(or will be) a link to each of them, containing translations of their respective Japanese Wikipedia articles.


A list of terminology commonly used when talking about mahjong. I use them quite often – even words you may never have heard of, like anko or toupai. Refer to this if you’re not sure what one of the hand translation articles is talking about.

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