Eternal Temporality

Always dies, sometimes lives


This page is to hold onto links to all of the Japanese language-related articles I write for the blog. Most, if not all, will be for the purposes of my current independent study program on the topic of Conversational Japanese. Some of these articles may branch out. Note: I am still in the process of creating an overall design for this work.

Japanese Tidbits for the Curious Learner

  1. Chapter 1 – You don’t even have to know sentences in order to speak Japanese!

    1. Interjections
    2. Aizuchi
    3. Single-Word Sentences
  2. Chapter 2 – But if you do, you can easily make them better!

    1. Sentence-Ending Particles
    2. Giseigo
    3. Other Adverbs
  3. Chapter 3 – Soon enough, you’ll start to sound 上手!

    1. Sentence Starters
    2. Idiomatic Expressions
    3. Casual Forms of Verbs and Other Grammer
  4. Chapter 4 – Perhaps you’ll even reach the level of ぺらぺら!

    1. Kotowaza
    2. Yojijukugo
    3. Accents
    4. Commonly Used Prefixes and Suffixes
  5. Chapter 5 – Handling all situations!

    1. Compliments and Showing Gratitude
    2. Apologies and Refusals
    3. Specific Situations
  6. The Resources I Used, and How to Use Them

    1. Dictionaries In Detail
    2. A “Bibliography” of My Other Resources

A Study in the New Jouyou Kanji

  1. 挨 拶 (挨拶)[時候挨拶、挨拶状]
  2. 宛 [宛先、宛名]
  3. 闇 唄 [暗闇、無闇に、子守唄]
  4. 椅 旺 [椅子、車椅子、旺盛]
  5. 臼 餌 [脱臼]
  6. 茨 [茨城県]
  7. 咽 喉 臆 (咽喉)[臆病]
  8. 俺 熊 鹿 [馬鹿]

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