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Blog Restructuring

Posted by Darkslime Z on 2011/04/30

So, I’ve been spending the last couple of days on a custom theme, and finally went ahead and bought it. My independent study in Japanese is now over, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still be writing articles! Instead, here is a revised plan:

  • Articles for the Japanese language information corpus found here will be posted every so often(as I write them). I have moved all existing content into pages that are linked from there(or the navigation bar at the top), which is why they don’t appear on the front page right now.
  • The beginning of quarter-weekly Japanese tidbit articles. What I’ll be doing, at least for now, is examining three aspects of the Japanese language:
    1. New Jouyou Kanji – At the end of last year, 196 characters were added to the Jouyou set. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I will be introducing one or two of these new kanji along with their vocabulary(i.e. the main reason they were included).
    2. Zokugo, or colloquial terms – These words aren’t something you’ll find in a dictionary: they’re colloquially used terms on the streets and on the Internet. I’ll introduce a new zokugo or two every Sunday(which means tomorrow).
    3. Adverbs – This will encompass a few parts of my research, namingly “sentence starters” and “giseigo“. A lot of the time, adverbs are simply included in the “miscellaneous” section of vocabulary lists in textbooks – this is a terrible thing, as it downplays their importance. I’ll introduce a group of new adverbs, whether they be giseigo or not, every Saturday(not today).
  • Mahjong articles! They may still be written, I’m not sure. I’m keeping the content here, of course, because a lot of translation work went into it.

With that said, let Eternal Temporality truly begin! (even though it is still a temporary name!)


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