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dota 2 and other stuff

Posted by Darkslime Z on 2012/06/26

even though i don’t actually play dota 2, i do like to keep tabs on its development blog as it progresses through its beta phase. as a long-time league of legends player, the kind of things valve is doing for this game are pretty darn cool. their client, while it still needs some work, impressed me tons more than lol’s old adobe air-based client. needless to say, replays, match history, and even neat statistics such as a rating for certain characters all place it above riot’s clunky mess of programming code. they recently opened up a steam workshop for hero accessories and whatnot, which is a pretty interesting move. some people are actually using the opportunity to update re-skin heroes entirely, too. setting aside the coolness factor of the community-created content that they’re accepting into the game, which is an amazing cash + community combination attack, their new update introduces the equivalent of lol’s ranked teams, as well as a new and rather thought-provoking system where you pay to watch official tournament games inside the client. the price would approximately reflect the popularity and “big-ness” of the tournament.

they say they’re going to give it a trial run to see how it does, which seems like the smart move to make, but we have to remember that this game isn’t even out of beta stages yet. valve is really going balls-out on this game. it’s a shame i personally think lol is just plain more fun, and don’t want to take the time to learn yet another hundred characters, or else i’d probably be playing it.

in other news, bandai is releasing a ballute pack that can be equipped on any master grade model from zeta gundam(that used the system). essentially what this means is that i can drop my gunpla into earth from my personally geosynchronous satellite now. man, i’ve been waiting to be able to do that for ages.

in other other news, jesus christ it’s a gyan on a horse get in the car kids

oh… you can probably expect a mahjong update incoming. i’ll be translating a few more wikipedia articles on specific hands, so please wait warmly!


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i was only dead temporarily

Posted by Darkslime Z on 2012/06/25

and you thought i wasn’t being creative when i picked the name for this blog. it is eternal, but only temporarily.

i changed the theme again since i didn’t my sweet-ass custom theme. the “koi” look just wasn’t doing it for me. i think this theme is suitably clutter-free, meaning i can clutter it up easily(sidebar banners are still around). i may end up changing the color of the header, though.

anyway i was just thinking that from now on, if i want to write something, i’ll just write it here, whatever the topic may be. i’m still studying japanese and have loads of crazy knowledge and random trivia under my belt at the moment, so don’t lose hope, o studious scholars!

now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about something awesome. and by awesome, i’m referring to the newly-announced sd gundam g generation overworld. as a raging, die-hard gundam fan, there is really no need to point out the fact that i am totally hyped for this game. for one thing, i only own three games for my psp(in fact, it hasn’t even been a year since i bought the thing). but it’s more because it’s promising the most stuff ever packed into a g generation game. ever. and they proved it already, too! we haven’t seen the g-unit story from the gundam w world since way back when g generation f was the the thing to play. the gundam gp00 is returning from the great abyss. even gundam pixie is making an appearance – that’s right, that silly lightweight gundam from an old snes game called cross dimension 0079 that no one remembers.

that said, it is a bit disappointing that it’s psp-only. i would have loved a version on ps2/ps3, or even for the wii again, with wii emulation being what it is in this day and age. i have a psp, of course, but there’s something about the big screen granted to console games that really makes me get into the game and invest significant amounts of time in it. i’m feeling the same way with super robot wars z2 right now; z seemed a lot “bigger”, and that’s probably because all the maps were 3D and there were full-on portraits for all the characters during dialogue. the character portrait thing really does bug me, because the entire portrait of a character being shown makes it feel like it’s an actual character being shown rather than a little panel with a face in it. i love z2 to death – no contest there – but overall, i’m still a bit disappointed at banpresto’s choice to make the z2 games psp-only. but it’s okay, since nothing will take from me the enjoyment of watching code geass characters next to macross frontier characters next to gurren lagann characters, all fighting for a common justice.

in any case, the series list really is the biggest we’ve ever had in a g generation game. the famitsu article detailing the game’s announcement makes a point of including two as-of-yet unannounced series in it. the note next to them says “planned to be announced soon”, but it’s been a few days already, and there hasn’t been any word(to my knowledge). i’ve already been speculating on what they could be. most notably, bonds of the battlefield is strangely absent from the series list. while the zaku i sniper was featured in unicorn, other suits such as the gm striker and gp-02 mlrs type might be missing from this game should bonds not make it in. though i have a hard time believing much would be taken out of this game compared to world, since it seems like basically the same game with a seishin system and an additional storyline. if game companies thought the way i did, then they would have added levels and units as dlc for world. (not at the expense of anything actually in world, of course. it’s just that gundam unicorn was only up to episode 3 and gundam age wasn’t even a thing at the time) i don’t know how effective the wii is at dlc distribution, though. :)

my other guesses as to these “mystery series” include gundam evolve, gundam katana, and even gather beat(hey, it’s possible – and who doesn’t want to see the two customizations of the ez-8 back in g generation?). a more likely option than a one-off series of cg mobile suits, a clusterfuck of whatever the hell the author wants to put in, or a couple of old wonderswan games no one remembers, however, is extreme vs., for that extreeeemeeeeeee gundam, bro – especially given the way bandai seems to love that thing.

i am a little worried about the game feeling stale after having played so much of world. on the other hand, my playthrough of world consisted of me solely using generic pilots named after my friends and me, so i’ll probably be concentrating on the g generation original characters while i build up teams of characters and suits from the various series included. the generic pilot playthrough shtick was interesting at first, but it got a little boring after a while, especially when i went to dark world and realized i had no suits above level 6 because i’d been using the same five pilots the entire game, basically as test pilots for new units. derp. my experience with world over the past week or so has just been grinding dark world stage a-2(and occasionally a-3) to try and get that 100% completion on my unit collection. and let me tell you, once you get to around 95% is when the real tough part starts.

whatever happens, you better believe i’m excited for this. i’ll need to finish world and saisei-hen before it comes out this september. which reminds me, original generations 2 is also set for a release this winter… it’s shaping up to be a great season for video games, it seems.

though i’ll probably just succumb to theĀ irresistibleĀ allure of phantasy star online 2. oh well whatever

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