Eternal Temporality

Always dies, sometimes lives


Welcome to Eternal Temporality. This site was founded primarily for two reasons; one of which is important, and one of which is just a hobby.

First off, being a professional application developer, I figured it would be a good idea to have a kind of “portfolio” for my various programming projects that I have done in the last six or seven years. That said, many of them need to be polished. I’ll be posting them here both for record-keeping and so that people can actually benefit from them. They will probably all be in C# – I’m a Windows user through and through – or in other scripting languages that I like to fool around in, like Python or Lua.

Second, I am a very self-motivated learner of Japanese, so not only will certain programming projects involve Japanese, but there will also be articles on aspects of the language.

Besides those two things, there is plenty of information on Mahjong(the Japanese variant, of course) and other, random video games available to you. I know the subject material isn’t very coherent at all, but feel free to look through what you want!


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