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NJK 08 – Bears, Deer, and Arrogant People, Oh My!

Posted by Darkslime Z on 2011/05/26

You’ll have to forgive my absolutely horrible naming scheme.

Today’s kanji are a few nouns, used for quite common words that you should definitely already know by now.

We start off the day with yet another way to refer to youself – yes, another first-person pronoun. This time, it’s the one used mostly by young guys around friends. Not so much around superiors, as it is extremely casual and implies a level of closeness between the people talking.That said, you’ll hear it all the time in anime and video games. You probably already have, in fact. The kanji is a little weird looking, but it shouldn’t be hard to remember, especially if you read a lot.
It means “bear”!
鹿 訓読み・しか
It’s a deer!


  • 馬鹿(ばか) – yes, it’s the kanji for “baka”, or “stupid”, “idiot”, “fool”, etc. The kanji were made up after the fact solely to have the same sound, so the “horse deer” thing really holds no meaning.

Yes, that was the only vocabulary word, besides remembering the words おれ、くま、しか. Which you probably already have. So learn the kanji already!


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