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New Jouyou Kanji 01 – Greetings!

Posted by Darkslime Z on 2011/05/03

Starting with a couple of kanji that are only used in a single word, today we have the kanji that constitute 挨拶(aisatsu)!

音読み・アイThe first kanji in the word is pronounced アイ, and basically has no other significance whatsoever! It does happen to have kun’yomi, but these are completely insignificant and never used.
音読み・サツThe second kanji is pronounced サツ. Again, there is technically a kun’yomi reading for this one, but it doesn’t appear in the dictionary.


  • 挨拶(あいさつ) – a greeting that you give to someone. In Japan, these are obviously very importnat – こんにちは and もしもし are both examples of あいさつ. However, あいさつ can also include actions such as shaking hands, bowing, or putting your hand in the air for someone to find you. Sometimes in formal situations this word will have the 御- prefix attached to it, creating ご挨拶(ご-あいさつ).
  • 時候挨拶(じこう-あいさつ) – a particular kind of あいさつ. Basically, a 時候挨拶 is a “seasonal greeting” – you typically put one at the beginning of a letter. There are a lot of websites out there that have lists of good ones to use, such as 挨拶状ドットコム, which separates greetings by month.
  • 挨拶状(あいさつ-じょう) – a greeting card!

Today’s article was rather short, but how about putting the word あいさつ into Anki and practicing the kanji? Otherwise, be sure to learn to recognize this word! See you Thursday!


One Response to “New Jouyou Kanji 01 – Greetings!”

  1. j said

    instead of 拶 you have 挨 a second time.

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