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Zokugo 01 – Living The Internet Life

Posted by Darkslime Z on 2011/05/01

This week’s zokugo, or colloquial words, are リア充 (pronounced ria-juu) and コピペ (pronounced kopipe).


リア充 is a rather spiteful phrase used on the Internet to refer to those people that find a full and complete life in the “real world”, as opposed to those who live on the Internet.

The word itself is made up of リア, an abbreviation of リアル(“real”), referring to real life, and 充, which is a shortening of 充実(juujitsu), a word for “fullness” or “completion” – which, in this case, is how the person finds and lives their life.

The word, like so many others, originated on the popular Internet bulletin board 2channel, where it was also used to refer to people who were “full” in the sense that they had real-life friends, especially female, or were generally good at the whole human-relation thing. Essentially, with the rise of cell phones being able to easily access the Internet in Japan, many more “normal” people started joining ‘net communities like 2channel and chatrooms, earning them the jealousy and resentment of those who weren’t fitting into real-life society. And thus, the word was born, and carries a spiteful tone to it – the brooding resentment of those who are – or see themselves as – unfit for society.


Aさん「すんません、友達とカラオケに行く予定だから またね」
チャットの人B「彼女もいると言ってたね? リア充だな」


コピペ, if you haven’t guessed by the reading, is an abbreviated form of “copy and paste”, i.e. the act of copying and pasting something on the computer. However, this word is usually used as a noun, referring to the text that is being copied and pasted.



Excuse the unrealistic chat logs. 2channel forbids us filthy gaijin from joining their IRC chatrooms(or posting on the bulletin board, for that matter), so I don’t have much experience with this.


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